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Who would trust me?

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I was wondering if anyone would trust me to R-Hop, install parts, and fix problems with your guys guns? I have been doing things like this locally and I was wondering what you guys though about me?
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I agree with Maniac. When I first started building custom ghillie suits for people, on here, other forums, and eventually through my website, it took time to get a good rep going. I started off by posting some pics of my own work, to let people know what I was capable of doing. Once people saw that I was qualified enough for them to throw money at me, I was able to get some orders put together. After a while, I had established a good enough rep, that guys were sending me their viper hoods and other things such as fully Multicam uniform sets, etc., with no collateral. For all they really knew, I could have been just some guy that was going to keep their cool shit. But by establishing some credibility, it opened up more doors of opportunity for me to continue my little side business, and make my customers happy. After all, each order was customized per individual, and required a lot of trust by the buyer to ensure they were getting what they wanted.

So bottom line, show us what you are capable of. Post some threads of your projects, with positive end results. Once you are able to that, you might just fine some people interested in your work.
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