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Why 6/8mm?

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Why has airsoft stuck to the 6/8mm (hardley 8mm anymore) platforms? Is it to preserve safe MEDs? Is it because if we went bigger there would be too much mass? Or is it just because the industry has decided that for us?

I have been looking into custom BB designs for a project and designing custom 6mm BBs is just damn small. Then I contemplated going to 8mm. Most recently I have been thinking about going as large as ~10mm (0.40cal. to be exact). From varous topics I have read I can see a few problems/hesitations for going so large, the main concern most likely being that increased mass = increased MED/more safety concerns.

However, I would pose that for a sniper role, since our MED is longer anyway; a slightly larger round at the heavier range of existing BBs (0.4 - 0.5) would be able to be fired at a lower FPS with greater stability resulting in better range and increased accuracy. Wheter it would be custom 8mm rounds or going as large as what I am thinking I don't know, but its just a thought.
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A heavier round fired slower would be great but you would be arc-ing it to the target.

I think 6 is too small. The only reason I did not go to 8 is because the 8's are not a precise as the 6's and I did not want to make rounds. Of course if you are firing slower and heavier the exact roundness may not be a question. You mat not even have to spin it or not very hard at least.

I know some companies have made 8mm sniper rifles that never caught on. I suspect inertia of how things work today is why is all. It is not broken, people are not asking for a change so there is no movement to change it. Just a guess.

I definitely think the idea has merit. For a project especially!

I like the 6mm paintball idea. Never looked into it too hard but it solves the problem of people not acknowledging they are hit.

I also like the "nerf" dart idea. Why not shoot a high density foam dart with a soft tip. 700 fps with that won't hurt but you'll feel it and you can make them fly straight. Like a blow gun. Accurate and long range. Just not round.
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Machining something round is tough.

Wait, what about a dimpled 8mm.
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I found aluminum at 6.04. That is as close as I could find aside from 5.90. I looked for weeks for steel brass and aluminum. I did however find carbon fiber barrels in 5.98. When I called the guy was away on a family emergency.

I bet there is tubing in 8mm ID though. Many sites post both ID and OD or OD and wall thickness.
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