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Why 6/8mm?

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Why has airsoft stuck to the 6/8mm (hardley 8mm anymore) platforms? Is it to preserve safe MEDs? Is it because if we went bigger there would be too much mass? Or is it just because the industry has decided that for us?

I have been looking into custom BB designs for a project and designing custom 6mm BBs is just damn small. Then I contemplated going to 8mm. Most recently I have been thinking about going as large as ~10mm (0.40cal. to be exact). From varous topics I have read I can see a few problems/hesitations for going so large, the main concern most likely being that increased mass = increased MED/more safety concerns.

However, I would pose that for a sniper role, since our MED is longer anyway; a slightly larger round at the heavier range of existing BBs (0.4 - 0.5) would be able to be fired at a lower FPS with greater stability resulting in better range and increased accuracy. Wheter it would be custom 8mm rounds or going as large as what I am thinking I don't know, but its just a thought.
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I'm sure that a few of you have seen the bb shape vs pellet shape thread. What if we used the pellet shaped BB idea, but made it 8mm and hollow point? 8mm for ease of manufacturing (larger bb, theoretically less errors), and hollow point so it shatters on impact (force more spread out) but not in the barrel.
Well I thought since the bb is plastic that it would shatter instead of "fold back" like a real hollow point. And I find that strange that the 8mm bbs are produced less accurately, seems counter productive.
Sooooooo many ideas, so little funds... I wish somebody could go to a machinist with a tin of pellets, those first strike rounds, and nerf darts. Ask them to make them in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm with multiple copies of each. Then make molds of each and make bbs in the molds. Does anybody here have the skills and tools to make these? That would be AWESOME.
I was doing a *facepalm* when I saw the dimpled bbs post. Then I saw it was a joke lol. Everybody keeps making threads about new bbs on various forums, but WE need to do this already! Not only would it bring fame to ASF, but we could revolutionize the world of airsoft snipers, make some money, and get your name out there. Why dont I have money!?!?!?
I would volunteer to test as well. And I agree that things are way to expensive these days...
Silicon molds. They work very well, and you can do it at home.
They have plastics that don't need heat, you just mix and pour it into the mold.
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