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Winter Gear

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Me and Eesti threw this together tonight for the Sniper game at an OP this weekend. Not the best quality but hey, we tried
constructive criticisms welcome


First Pic: Me on right, Eesti on Left

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Not bad, probably the only thing that will give you trouble is hat your veils will either be too light or too dark, so they won't match the colour of the snow. Otherwise, good job,
In addition to what Oakey said:

Not bad, but it seems as though that material outside of your clothing (The white coverall) is thin. I hope you dress warm and light colored underneath. But anyways, I'll see you at the sniper game. I'm not sure what/who I'm rolling with, but I'll be in it for sure. Heh, some people think an all white scheme is best for winter, it usually proves useless unless you like laying in the dead open. Personally I'd try and get some elastic bands on it so you can throw in some branches/dead leaves.

Looks good if you like laying in piles of snow though, definatly a cool looking loadout.
This motivates me even more to finish my witner ghillie tonight. Surprisingly I have maybe an hour more of work and I started Sunday night.

Anyways, looks good, just make sure to wear light colored clothers under the suit.
Thanks guys, and can't wait to see you guys at the op on saturday. Oh and we do have elastic bands to put around them as well.
I'm old school Army Scout, so...

tho I am considering building another TC Viper hoody for those / these Snowy covered days.
Old School appeal w/ turning the BDU top inside-out.
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Never thought of turning BDU's inside out, good idea.
Never thought of turning BDU's inside out, good idea.
Aye, I'll have to give that a try when I hit up another outdoor event. (If there is even snow on the ground then)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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