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Winter Ghillie

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Here is my handmade winter ghillie suit. Ive been wearing it all winter, just forgot to post pics. Also, these are the only pics of it I can find right now, but ill add more as I come across them. Also, my usual primary is my Maruzen L96, I just wasnt using it during this game.

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Deadmau5 said:
That is an EPIC pic of you in pic 5. You are just standin there like your sayin "I am so tottaly gonna own everyone out here."
Phatom, that is a gigantic necro post. Unless you have some valuable information to add to the thread, please do not necro post. Otherwise, be prepared to get a warning from a mod.

But I agree, pic 5 is badass ;)
pjm87 said:
Pretty cool ghillie!!! Don't have much use for those out here in Arizona though...
Are you kidding me? Did you not read the post above. There has already been a unnecessary necro post in this thread, and he has been informed of his mistake.

Please do the following for us.

1. Read the rules
2. Intro post
3. Read the rules again, just in case :-/
4. Do not necro post, unless the information is valuable to the thread.

Thank you
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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