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Winter Ghillie

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Here is my handmade winter ghillie suit. Ive been wearing it all winter, just forgot to post pics. Also, these are the only pics of it I can find right now, but ill add more as I come across them. Also, my usual primary is my Maruzen L96, I just wasnt using it during this game.

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It's definatly a great replica of the one in the movie "Shooter", no doubt about that. However I'm just not a fan of wearing all white, unless you like lieing in the middle of an open field that much, it just won't do the job as well as something with at least a few extra colors will do, but that's a good thing that you took that into account. What most people cannot see is that your front has a design on it that makes you a virtual ghost, thus making this one shitloads better than the one in shooter.

All white = Bad

Mirage's winter ghillie scheme = God

Take notes boys :)
Agreed, it looks like just rows of white strips, maybe tie some random ones onto other ones to break it up a bit.

Looks awesome other than that.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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