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Winter Projects

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Well like the title says guys..... Lets see them.

MY CA Spr....
Got a Systema M130 spring put in here. Lubed everything up and she is good to go. Went down to try and try a few test shots....... and no go. So either I have the motor hooked up wrong, or I need a stronger battery/motor. So still a little more work to do on her.

Slowly working on her as much as I can. I am hoping to get this rifle up and going, if it doesn't get sold ;), and be able to use the crap out of it.

So does that sound right, with the motor and the battery? I am planning on getting the biggest lipo I can, an 11.1v to fit into the stock tube. So power shouldn't be a problem
. And then of course eventually getting a mosfet.

Then there is the We 1911
I took my pistols apart to just clean them up and work on them a little bit. So while I was inside I found a spare barrel I had laying around and made it fit. So now the inner barrel is over twice as long as the original, has a nineball VSR bucking inside, and then of course the carbon fiber shroud.

Man when this thing fires it is awesome. It makes a really small thud. The only thing that I need to do with this pistol, is probably a high flow valve, and a stiffer return spring.

So here is a pic of the Silent Sisters.

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I wouldn't think so fuzzy..... as long as it is sniper related stuff, post it up.

I have gotten a couple questions asking how I got the suppressor on the SPR... Well here is a quick walk through of what I did.

First I got this suppressor,

I then took the one end that threaded onto the end of the barrel, and I sanded the outside until I was able to get it inside the suppressor, while it was screwed onto the outer barrel.

I then took the other adapter and then sanded off the internal threads. I did that so I could slide the adapter over the outer barrel, while still keeping it nice and snug.

You then can put the adapter, with out the internal threads, onto the outer barrel. Then screw on the adapter to the muzzle end, with out the external threads.

You are then able to slide the suppressor over the first adapter, at the muzzle, and then you can screw it onto the other, that is over the outer barrel.

And there you have it! You can move the back adapter to adjust the length of the inner barrel inside the suppressor. When it is inside of the float tube like mine, the thing is rock solid. There is no movement between the inner, outer barrel, and the float tube.
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So your waiting for the HPA gearbox as well....

Should make that rifle shoot like a beast.
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What are you planning on turing the Delrin on?

I know with nice carbide bits they will cut like butter on a nice lathe ;)
Usually delrin is really good about not doing that. As long as you have actual delrin.
Will need to get some pics of the SAW I have been working on.

Trying to add what I know about the sniping side of things and add them to the SAW. So hopefully it will make one hell of a support weapon.


Well a package from my buddy. Wound up being the replacement hop up for the SAW. Come to find that it sucks. :( So when looking for something better, I found that the shafts of my dremmel tools would work nicely.

So I got to cutting and shaping, and ended up with a nice solid piece. So now I have a replacement hop up chamber that is brand new.

I have attached a piece of outer barrel to the front of the rifle. There is a piece that holds in the gas regulator, you can take out the assembly and remove from the rifle. I found an old outer barrel, and found that the outer barrel of the SAW fits nice and snug inside. So out came the JB weld and affixed the barrel sleeve to the rifle. Now no wobble in the outer barrel.

I have already finished the wiring on the rifle, and have gotten a better switch for the trigger. I found some nice 12 gage wire, so nice and beefy

Am on the look now for a better lower hand guard for the for grip.

And I am also trying to mod the box mag, so it can hold vastly more ammo. Trying to figure a way to arrange the inners of the box mag, so 90% of the mag can be used as ammo storage.
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