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Winter Projects

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Well like the title says guys..... Lets see them.

MY CA Spr....
Got a Systema M130 spring put in here. Lubed everything up and she is good to go. Went down to try and try a few test shots....... and no go. So either I have the motor hooked up wrong, or I need a stronger battery/motor. So still a little more work to do on her.

Slowly working on her as much as I can. I am hoping to get this rifle up and going, if it doesn't get sold ;), and be able to use the crap out of it.

So does that sound right, with the motor and the battery? I am planning on getting the biggest lipo I can, an 11.1v to fit into the stock tube. So power shouldn't be a problem
. And then of course eventually getting a mosfet.

Then there is the We 1911
I took my pistols apart to just clean them up and work on them a little bit. So while I was inside I found a spare barrel I had laying around and made it fit. So now the inner barrel is over twice as long as the original, has a nineball VSR bucking inside, and then of course the carbon fiber shroud.

Man when this thing fires it is awesome. It makes a really small thud. The only thing that I need to do with this pistol, is probably a high flow valve, and a stiffer return spring.

So here is a pic of the Silent Sisters.

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Well, here is what my winter project has been. Been going by rather slow, but it's just about near completion. Main thing I am waiting on is the PolarStar Solenoid Box to place in here.

Here is the rifle in her current state.

This is a silencer adapter I made to slide over the original outer barrel. Not sure yet if I want to attach it with 4 separate grub screws or just permanently attach it with some DevCon or JB Weld. I've got a 2 inch OD x 11 inch tube of Carbon Fiber to make in a can for this rifle and a 2 inch thick cylinder of Delrin to make into some end caps for it..

Here is a closer shot of the rifles main upgrade parts. G&G Metal receiver modified to fit the PDI Chamber Block, this rifle is more solid than a brick shit house now. Also another plus to the metal receiver is the more solid scope mounting pieces. Originally the scope had some play in it that you could force with some pressure from your hands, now it is a solid piece on the receiver. Also in the image you can see the few little things I machined and blued. Yet to drill and tap the holes for the sling stud yet since I have been to lazy to buy a pair, but they will come, eventually.
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Yea... been dicking around with this shell now for 2 months just waiting to put that in here. Release date keeps getting pushed back so I am left with just more random external mods to the rifle. Can't wait until my CF tube and Delrin gets here, I know that will at least turn into a real nice piece.
Plan was to just turn it on the lathe, figured I would take my bits to the stone beforehand to get them nice and sharp. My delrin will be 50.8mm in diameter and my CF tubing is 50mm OD and 47.5mm ID, so hopefully the plan is to take the delrin down with only a few passes to get the OD to the correct size, let it cool down, then take another pass to get the part of the end cap to fit in the tubing. Only thing I want to try and avoid is having the heat enlarging it and throw of my measurements or have it get to hot and melt. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, but it might have to wait since I recently finished up the machine shop section of school and have moved onto stock making.
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