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Winter Projects

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Well like the title says guys..... Lets see them.

MY CA Spr....
Got a Systema M130 spring put in here. Lubed everything up and she is good to go. Went down to try and try a few test shots....... and no go. So either I have the motor hooked up wrong, or I need a stronger battery/motor. So still a little more work to do on her.

Slowly working on her as much as I can. I am hoping to get this rifle up and going, if it doesn't get sold ;), and be able to use the crap out of it.

So does that sound right, with the motor and the battery? I am planning on getting the biggest lipo I can, an 11.1v to fit into the stock tube. So power shouldn't be a problem
. And then of course eventually getting a mosfet.

Then there is the We 1911
I took my pistols apart to just clean them up and work on them a little bit. So while I was inside I found a spare barrel I had laying around and made it fit. So now the inner barrel is over twice as long as the original, has a nineball VSR bucking inside, and then of course the carbon fiber shroud.

Man when this thing fires it is awesome. It makes a really small thud. The only thing that I need to do with this pistol, is probably a high flow valve, and a stiffer return spring.

So here is a pic of the Silent Sisters.

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Does it have to be something that spits out bbs?

Working on another ghillie now for my spotter. That and maybe some work on my 1911. Mostly some DIY mods. Could post pics as that was my original winter project, but might be selling it now ::)
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