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Winter Projects

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Well like the title says guys..... Lets see them.

MY CA Spr....
Got a Systema M130 spring put in here. Lubed everything up and she is good to go. Went down to try and try a few test shots....... and no go. So either I have the motor hooked up wrong, or I need a stronger battery/motor. So still a little more work to do on her.

Slowly working on her as much as I can. I am hoping to get this rifle up and going, if it doesn't get sold ;), and be able to use the crap out of it.

So does that sound right, with the motor and the battery? I am planning on getting the biggest lipo I can, an 11.1v to fit into the stock tube. So power shouldn't be a problem
. And then of course eventually getting a mosfet.

Then there is the We 1911
I took my pistols apart to just clean them up and work on them a little bit. So while I was inside I found a spare barrel I had laying around and made it fit. So now the inner barrel is over twice as long as the original, has a nineball VSR bucking inside, and then of course the carbon fiber shroud.

Man when this thing fires it is awesome. It makes a really small thud. The only thing that I need to do with this pistol, is probably a high flow valve, and a stiffer return spring.

So here is a pic of the Silent Sisters.

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Wonko... Woogie... You must tell me how those HPA gearboxes turn out; I have been forever wanting to either buy or create a gas DMR and these look like the easiest solution :)

Oh, and thumbs up on the PSG1 Wonko, I remember holding that thing, its probably the sturdiest PSG out there now. Good work man!
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