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Wolfgeorge sniper rifle collection

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Here's some pics of my growing sniper collection

Asahi WA2000 DX
Real Sword SVD

And here an old family photo

Socom Gear Barrett M82 ver2
Asahi WA2000 DX
Ares CheyTac M200 Intervention
Tanaka M700 AICS Pre-Ban

I'll post some better when I'll find the time :)
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Why do I ask for pictures? Every time, I just want to buy them all... I will now go into a corner and sob over the state of my finances...
That is the worst thing I have ever heard... Hope everything works out, man! One more thing, though, is there any way I could get some measurements for the engine in the Sheriff, once you get it back? I am trying to compile CAD designs of each of the classic engines so that I can make new ones if needed.
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How do you find these things?
Wolf, this is why I started CMI, to have beautiful rifles like yours.
You suck man... Just as I am about to get some cool stuff, you one-up me right away...
After using GBBRs, I have decided that BV rifles are 10x better than any GBBR ever, and you should stick with those. DG are supposed to be nice, but I have no experience with those.

Asahi is still in business? Do they still make BV rifles?
It's crying for a kokusai... ;)

Please post pics of the ANGS, I was going to buy that until I decided to go p*.
Those are sexy...

I must say, I am still jealous of your collection.
1 - 18 of 608 Posts