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Wolfgeorge sniper rifle collection

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Here's some pics of my growing sniper collection

Asahi WA2000 DX
Real Sword SVD

And here an old family photo

Socom Gear Barrett M82 ver2
Asahi WA2000 DX
Ares CheyTac M200 Intervention
Tanaka M700 AICS Pre-Ban

I'll post some better when I'll find the time :)
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The intervention is an 8mm correct?

How well does it shoot and handle?
Man that M200 would be so much better if it was the 8mm. Something that large needs to be an 8mm.
Yeah I know the 8mm are kind of crummy for airsoft..... but when other people see you loading up a mag full of 8mm bbs. That is probably the best.

That and there have been some better 8mm ammo that has been coming out. Still want to make a nice 8mm sniper rifle.
SEXY rifle George!

I just need my money so I can start to build my collection again ;)
Hell man if that was one of the 8mm versions.... I would be all over it.

And I need to find someone to make a pic of the PWD for me, like the pic you have in your sig. I need one of those
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If that intervention was 8 I would be all over it.

PM later tonight. ;-)
That thing just screams..... I NEED A SUPPRESSOR!!
Yeah that just looks stupid.....

Maybe a stubby little pistol can....?
I was always thinking that the DSR was a longer rifle.

But those pics really put it into scale. And now it is looking like I may need one of those as well
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Yeah that suppressor looks much better!

Would be great to get a real DSR to play with as well..... Heck I would love to get the airsoft version, and make a sweet .22lr out of it ;)
Heck I have been thinking about putting a 10/22 into the WA2000 ;)

Anything is possible. Atleast that would make the Ares a decent WA2000
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No I am talking about a real 10/22 ;)

Though I am still working on the solenoid project as well.


I can send you the collection that I have now
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Oh I hear ya man....

Still doesn't mean that I like it

But to have all of those in one sitting..... very nice collection, and a shame that the Geneth is not of better quality.

So what is the difference between the two asahi?
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Are you able to find shells for the rifle anymore or not?

And are you planning on taking her out and using her in a game?

And are you able to use regular bb's without any kind of modding to the rifle?
Very nice man.

Yeah I wouldn't want to use the rifle either to be honest. I would make a nice display case for her and put it on your mantle.

Aren't there two different type of shells for the rifle. One that can use the blade bullets, and a high powered shell that can take 10 pumps that just uses the regular bb?

That barrel is thick as well! I would love to see a rifle company come out with something like this today. I mean heck it worked for a reason, and if they were to make the blade bullet in different weights, then I think you would be onto something.
I don't think I would use a single one!

Being as you would have better luck finding a unicorn fart, I would keep them as a display item.

And to be honest if they shoot no better than the regular bb's then what would be the point.
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