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Wolfgeorge sniper rifle collection

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Here's some pics of my growing sniper collection

Asahi WA2000 DX
Real Sword SVD

And here an old family photo

Socom Gear Barrett M82 ver2
Asahi WA2000 DX
Ares CheyTac M200 Intervention
Tanaka M700 AICS Pre-Ban

I'll post some better when I'll find the time :)
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Oh man, wolf is the new wanko. So umm were do you live I may pay you a visit I when you not home. Joking aside those are some beautiful guns you have there, love the m82 and the intervention.

What are the specs on the m82 fps, and internal wise.
Have you thought of taping it to HPA, may get some more FPS and range.
wolfgeorge said:
No but I'm looking for the CO2 mag a friend of mine has the AW338 with the CO2 mag and it has 640fps at 25 degrees celsius!
I thought the co2 mag for the intervention was not produced, due to way to high fps on it.

Never mind found it on redwolf
wolfgeorge said:
Wow I didn't know these where back in stock!!! Thanks I think I'll order one !!

Ya I thought they were to, I guess I helped ya out on that one.
1 - 4 of 608 Posts