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Looking to buy a hunting rifle stock, make my own receiver, hop chamber, inner barrel, and all that other stuff with NO OUTER BARREL.
Ideally I'd like closed bolt and something electronic so I can put it wherever I please, but I don't feel like buying another F2 due to how expensive they are, so it looks like a used REAPER or N7 is my best bet as they are usually about and for not too much money.

I was wondering about what power I'd get from them being as they are fixed volume, and fixed volume usually can only be adjusted by PSI levels.
So if you guys know anybody with one of these engines or you even have one yourself, I'd like to know what power you can achieve with a whatever PSI, BB weight, and barrel you use.

Also as this will have realistic magazine placement instead of a VSR style system, I can easily afford to put in a PSG-1 650mm barrel due to being able to put the barrel like 5-11 inches back depending on what stock I use.
And for a magazine I plan on somehow using M14 180 round midcaps as they look like they would match the style of stock I am looking for as well as being extremely affordable, but if you guys have other recommendations I'd be interested in hearing them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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