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Wondering if there will ever be a Masada dmr

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Looking into the make of the Masada/ ARC, bushmaster originally planned for it to cover many fields of engagements. I came across this picture and hope this stock makes its way to airsoft. With te spring swap gearbox of the magpul masada, I feel like it would make a great all around weapon. Have it be m110-m150 capable and whatever field your at or whatever role you want to play slap in the spring that's necessary. Then depending upon your roll, you attach the modular parts that go along with it (rail system, short/long handguard, folding/fixed stock, or the sniper stock shown in the picture.) Oh and with the easy barrel swap set up you can have your barrel length and inner barrels ready to go for whatever the game requires.

This could just be me getting worked up over a nice gun, or maybe I am onto something. It wouldnt be cheap to acquire all the external and internal parts required for this but in the end it may saze money or be about te same to own a bunch of different guns and upgrade them all to whatever extent you choose.

I am hoping to get a hold of the masada acr this summer at some point and may try out this 'pocket knife' like rifle.

What do you guys think of this?
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That's just the Magpul PRS stock for G3 receivers. You can purchase a very similar stock for M4 and M16 rifles. Just buy an ICS with the split gear box or any rifle and the Polar star HPA box and you would have a much better performing modular rifle.
Should have explained more... They said it is a masada DMR that they will be releasing. Longer handguard and barrel, along with the new stock as well.
@mroverkill: Are the Polarstar HPA gearboxes out yet?
Well heck if magpul is planning on releasing that stock then im definitely going this route. And what is this polarstar hpa gearbox?
The Polarstar gearbox is a Electro-Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle, or EPAR. It uses the external high pressure air rig that many of us tanaka/kjw users have. It sounds awesome and performs extremely well. The "gearbox" will be adjustable via the internal electronics. You can adjust the FPS, RPS, air volume, and even set it to whatever burst settings you'd like It has been stress tested at 70 rounds per second at 400 FPS, but it will be limited to I believe 35 RPS at 450 FPS. However, there will be other nozzles available for purchase that will allow you to increase your FPS past 550. Basically, for the $450 it costs, you can go from 30RPS 400 FPS "AEG" type gun to a Semi-auto 550+ FPS DMR in only a few minutes.

And yes, I'm getting one. I've been trying to decide on externals for it, but I've never owned an m4. I was really interested in either the Masada, or the Scar. Something you don't see everyday.
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That Magpul stock is already available only for real rifles, but as far as I've seen, Marui G3's are compatible with Brazilian RS wood kits, so the stock should be compatible with them as well.
Wow! That gearbox sounds really great. Almost too good to be true. Hope it changes the mindset of all the other gearbox manufacturers to start making things that reliable/ diverse.
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