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Wooden type 96 Stock

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Hey, I was wondering since the type 96 is so versatile with stocks, would it be possible to make a new wooden stock for it. Would that look cool or would it be stupid and unrealistic. I think I smell another project coming on...
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I suppose if you did have the tools/machinery and you did manage to make the form of the stock and have it all fit, you would still have to put a TON of super-resistant sealant because it's going to be exposed to the elements quite a bit.
So is this about what you was thinking about? kinda thought it looks nice! different but nice..
Heres the site to get one
He said he wants a wood stock. That one is fake.
I was not being rude in any way, I simply stated that it wasn't a wood stock. What part of that is rude? I'm sorry if you received it that way.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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