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Would like to pimp out an A&K Dragunov

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Hello forum, search got me nowhere so I decided to start a thread. (apologies if this was already asked and I've missed in the search).

I've always liked eastern bloc weapons and wanted to get myself a SVD to snipe with for a while now.

It would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside if you gurus could help me out with a "Parts to get" list.

Taking A&K SVD as a base(most popular, good quality, cheap).
Reason for going for a "boltie" version is due to consistency, range, sound. (The site I play at allows 500 fps with 0.2gs for bolt action(30m MED) and 400 fps for AEG sniper platforms(30m MED), 370 fps for AEGs(no MED)).

It would be appreciated if the parts listed would come with a description with as to what it actually changes(ie. makes the bolt pull easier, improves air seal and other stuff like that), since I'm rather clueless(English not being my native language on top of that) when it comes to technical terms/details.

In the end I'm looking at a 500fps Dragunov, the quieter it's firing - the better, easier bolt pull if possible to allow faster follow up shots if needs be, disregarding human error - good consistency/accuracy at long ranges(at least 60m, the more the better though) with .4g/.43g BBs.

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Thanks, PM'ed him 2 days ago, hopefully he'll get back soon.
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