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WTB A&K Masada !! ASAP

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I'm going to test out my theory Tommorow but I would like to drop my fusion engine into an a&k Masada. All I need to do is convice polar star to make me an sr25 nozzle for the p* engine. The masada has a v2 gearbox so it should work In theory. I will try to drop my engine into my dads Masada Tommorow and if it works I will ten be in the market for one.

I am completely focusing on the externals of the gun. I would like to find a used one with the best and most well taken care of externals. I could care less about the internals. If the hop up is in good condition that would be nice too. I would be looking for tan but if I can find a good deal on black then I'll take it.

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I have exactly what you want, also in tan, if you are in need of it :)

The externals are actually in near out-of-box condition. I have only used it once.
I was hoping you'd find this thread aydonmill. :) have any pictures of her?
Well looks like I took the hint :) And of course I have pictures, I will post them when I get home later, I'm in school right now hahaha
Alright awesome. Souds good. Nothing like keeping yourself busy in school. What price range were you thinking?

There ya go. The externals are in great condition, except there is only one defect. It's that there is no magazine catch on the left side. It fell out during my first OP with it and I have just had to hold the mag in to make the magazine feed through.

The gun shoots exactly as intended just with the mag-catch as a minor set back.

I am looking for around $180-200 for it considering it really is brand new.
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I just researched to find a new mag catch and there really isn't any replacement part for it.... :-/
I have searched for one, too and I was told to just buy a cheap boneyard masada that just didn't internally function.

The mag catch could be taken from that one, ya know?
These things are V2 gear-boxed right? Not to start a discussion thread but a P* would be ridiculous in one of these...

Edit: Just realised after reading original post said exactly the same thing sorry :-[

Edit Edit: Maybe ask madhellsing about fabricating a mag catch for you if he/you can get the specs for it. ???
I would love him forever if he coul do that for me.

Finding a boneyard Masada would be kind of monetarily pointless to me just for the mag catch.
Yeah but you do take into consideration using the boneyard for anything else that you could possibly need parts-wise. If anything else were to fall off or break it's always a good thing to have spare parts.
By the time he buys the boneyard and your gun though he could buy a brand new a&k masada.
Thank you goldentrigun, that's what I was trying to get at.
Aydonmill, have you tried contacting cyber gun or spartan imports (I believe they bring it over) and begged for them to sell you that one part? Or possibly a large distributer like evoke or airsoft gi that may just not have it listed online?
I have tried contacting Spartan Imports, Evike, and Airsoft GI and I never got a response from any of them. It was quite annoying actually. I could try contacting Cyber Gun now though.
Oh wow, Thats crazy. Its stupid how something as small as a mag catch can cause so much trouble.
The worst part is that it seems to be a wide-spread problem with the Masada and no manufacturer is doing anything to help the consumers.

On a side note is the magazine catch really that different from an Armalite magazine catch, the spacing looks the same and it uses a V2 right?
It is v2, and its an abi-catch. but the left side of the gun part is longer then a normal one.
I have one!

Not sure if your still looking, but I have a masada in almost perfect external condition EXCEPT that the folding stock doesn't lock in place due to the little tab falling of. this should be relatively easy to fix as I have seen it done several times. ( i just havent had time to do it yet)
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