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This is probably a long shot, but I am wondering if anyone out there has an APS2 that they have used for parts for one reason or another and want to get rid of.

My ASR has just about seen the end of its usefulness and seeing as everything but the barrel spacers are APS2, I figure I should get an APS2, I just can't bring myself to pay $300-$400 for a new gun, when I already have all the upgrade parts to put in it and am going to replace most everything the day I get it.

I'm willing to negotiate prices and/or possible trades (let me know what you'd be interested in and I'll see what I have), depending on condition.

All I am looking for is the body parts, the cylinder and a mag or two. I don't even care if theres no barrel or hop up (or even spring or piston) since I have all of that already

(Or if anyone sees any boneyard deals links would be appreciated too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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