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WTB: bar 10

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Hey guys I'm looking to buy a bar 10. It dosent have to be a gspec, but I would prefer it. I would rather it be stock becaus I am not trying to break the bank. I have a great buyer/ seller ratings on Mia.
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woogie said:
Well I have parts to a Bar10 that I wouldn't mind getting rid of. But I think I may be missing the inner barrel for it at this point. So if you want it for like a project rifle hit me up.

I know I do have the reciever, outter barrel, supressor, custom stock, two mags, cylinder set, trigger some where, and I am sure the hop up chamber.

Let me know man
I have a stock G-Spec Inner barrel on hand that would make Woogies stock parts complete for a lower cost project rifle build.
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