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WTB: Classic Army M24

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I've been looking around for one of these but still no luck:p If I can't find one by November, I'm gonna have to settle for a Snow Wolf M24, so please if anyone knows/see someone selling a black, functioning CA M24, let me know!

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I guess that you wanted a forum-buy/traded one. I can't offer you that, sorry.
But, I have a link to a site where I bought mine. AirsoftArms have bothe the Army(flueted barrel) and the Civilian (non flueted) version. Army goes for $249us and the Civilian $219us.
I hope that I've helped you and that I not have broken any rules or regulations, sorry for any gramar error.

@ The HOG please make an intro post in the new member section.

Eh, I already ordered a Snow Wolf M24. Thank you though. And yes, please make an intro post!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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