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So I'm looking for my ultimate project to turn into my primary. I've got a dream to make this:

And I've even got a site to source the wood externals from, all genuine german surplus wood furniture! Man oh man it's gonna be sweet.

But here's the kicker: Nobody's got these guns for sale. I'm a cheapskate, and can't justify spending 250+ bucks on a new AEG that I will just upgrade the internals/externals of, and therefore I've been led to HERE! The BST forums. Does anyone have a G3 with a METAL body that you'd sell to me? Pleeeeease, help me start my project! Imagine! German surplus refinished wood... all metal receiver... pure 1960's Milsim bliss....

If you've got a Classic Army (I believe these are the only metal ones) G3 body, I don't CARE WHAT THE INTERNALS ARE LIKE. This thing doesn't need to even be close to shooting. Just as long as it has decent externals, hit me up.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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