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WTB: Gear, Mags, Accessories, Uniforms

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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to pick up some equipment in the near future; and I thought I'd take a stab at trying to find some stuff that's used and in good condition before going out and buying brand-new.

Items I'm Looking For:

(All Uniforms I'm Looking For SR Top & MR Bottom, but can be all Medium Reg too)

- DPM Uniforms
Looking for Woodland & Desert pattern.

- Midnight Blue Uniform

- VN Tigerstripe
Looking for Woodland & Desert pattern.

Plate Carrier; Similar to this one: (Looking for a Black & Coyote)

And Another; Similar to this: (Looking for black only)

Also looking for MOLLE pouches for the MOLLE Carrier:
(Black & Coyote Needed)

Looking For Items Similar To These:

M4 Triple Pouch

Radio Pouch

Acc. Pouch

MP5 Triple Pouch

Dump Pouch


I'm also looking to pick up Mid/Low Caps For M4/MP5, thanks!

Please either post here with what you've got and pricing; or PM me. I'm ok with used equipment but should be in atleast decent condition. Thanks guys.
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