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I may have what you are looking for

I have of course a JG Bar-10
Right now this is how she sits.....

JG Bar 10
PDI V trigger
PDI 330 spring
PDI spring guide
PDI Vacuum piston
TM Pro Hop chamber
EdGi 6.01 bull barrel
LayLax silent piston head
Nineball soft bucking
Firefly hard bucking
Two VSR-10 mags
One Bar mag
Centerpoint scope
Cheak pad
Harris bipod

Right now there is quite a bit into the rifle itself. Priced it is around 750-800 without shipping costs.

Would love to sell it to get a new project rifle.

Let me know what you think ... if you are around my area you are more than welcome to come see it. Will get pics if you want

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I realize this is a bit late, but if you're still around, check out ASF forums. Lots of people sell slightly upgraded bar-10s for around $200. It won't be great but it might get you a better barrel, some sears, and a spring guide
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