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Simple as the tittle. I currently have one KJW P229 and love it. I also have a KWA M226 which is great but rather not have different guns of different brands.

So I would either like to trade 1:1 my KWA M226 w/ 2 mags for a KJW P226 w/ 2 Mags. OR Buy a KJW p226. It needs to be in working order with no cracks or structural damage. I dont care about external scratches or ware from holstering and use.. but needs to work.

The M226 is a great gun. Heavy, all metal, great grips with a great feel... I am just not a KWA Fan. KWA handguns are usually more expensive than even the TM Handguns... but last forever. The only thing my M226 will need is a new Bucking. Both mags work well and do not leak.

Lets see what you have.

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