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WTB: l96 and a new sidearm, and gear

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So basically I'm looking for another l96. I had a TM l96 aws, but I sold it to a friend, and now I miss the l96 feel. Preferably I would like a slightly upgraded one. I also want a new sidearm. I was using one of those nbb pistols you buy from Dick's sporting goods, or Wal-mart. But it worked, and now it doesn't.
Also, any gear anyone would like to sell I might be intersted in buying. Things such as a battle belt, pouches, etc. I never was very serious about sniping, but I am beginning to get into it more. Thanks ahead.


PS: I have stayed low on the forum a while, but I'm ready to get more involved.
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There will be plenty of people here that could sell you an L96 but I would advise you to buy new gear and maybe a new sidearm. Gear is cheap if you know where to buy. ;) I got two really nice pouches from ebairsoft with free shipping for 10 dollars each. They are 1000d basically meaning they'll never break. So it's good value. Just trying to help out.
inthetallgrass- Okay, thanks for the info.

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