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WTB: l96

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As the title says I'm looking at purchasing an l96 clone with the purpose of converting it to a left handed SBR, sub 420FPS, ER hop,TDC, and many other goodies that I can't think of at the moment.

My only requirement is that I can upgrade it with aftermarket parts if necessary.

UTG or TM preferred
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How much are you looking to spend. A buddy of mine has a very lightly used UTG L96. I could ask him if he would be willing to sell it if you can give me a price.
I don't know you tell me how much he wants for it.
I've got a broken one. Well, all it needs is a new trigger, bolt for the rail, and a paintjob. It would come with an extra stock hop-up unit, inner barrel, and a scope. I would let it go for a cheap price if you're looking for a project gun, but it isn't assembled at the moment.
I'll pm you. It doesn't have to be working. I just don't want the body or outer barrel to be messed up.
I have found a l96. Please close this thread.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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