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WTB: Multicam Alpine Mesh Mask

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Hello. I’m looking for a Multicam Alpine mesh mask. I can not find one new, and it looks like OneTigris doesn’t make them anymore. In my free time I like to work on my snow loadout that I use once a year…if I’m lucky.
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edited post to a new item I'm after!!
I think I heard about this thing called spray paint awhile ago, I think it's used for painting things and probably comes in white.
Listen here, bucko, I want to try and obtain everything I can in the authentic fabric itself 💅🏻. I will probably paint a stock, scope and wrap a pistol holster but EVERYTHING ELSE I WANT IN ALPINE hisssssss

I have a bunch of crap already including an alpine hydration tube cover for my hpa line lol.
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Get a balaclava like this: Lightweight Camo Balaclava Multicam Alpine - TMC
And then make something like thus: Steel Mouth Under the mask Airsoft Teeth Protection - Black I don't think that you can actually buy then anymore, but shouldn't be too difficult to DIY.
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Still wondering if anyone has one of these rare birds laying around 😬
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