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WTB Nine Ball Bucking

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Been wanting one for the last few months. Saw Airsoftatlanta had it, but was reluctant to spent the $28 shipped for it. Finally, I gave in, decided to drop the extra cash and just buy it...What was I greeted by? "Out of Stock". Perfect.

Dramatic story aside, I'm looking to buy a nineball VSR bucking. PM me a price.
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fuzzywolly said:
ronnokk said:
What was I greeted by? "Out of Stock". Perfect.
I got the last one.

Check there often if you don't get one soon. They restock fast.
I'll buy the bucking off of you, Fuzzy...How does 5 human souls sound?

As for Ehobbyasia, they're out of stock as well.
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Just found one in stock at Airsoft Extreme for $14 +8 shipping via ground. I've been checking AEX weekly to see if it or my m700 long mag are back in stock, and forgot to check until now for the last few weeks. I should have it quickly too, seeing as it's shipping from only 1 hour away from my house.

Thanks for the offer though, Reezo. I checked out that website, but my Italian proficiency is basically limited to food names....Also, like you said, shipping.
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