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WTB Scope with comfortable eye relief, ~$75

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a new scope for my PR-15 DMR in progress. Since I am planning on using the rifle as both a DMR and a standard assault weapon, I am mainly looking for a slightly smaller scope with a long eye relief and r/g illumination. So basically I'm looking for a medium sized scope with zoom from 3x's to 7 or so. If anyone has anything, I'd love some pictures. I can pay via paypal.
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Im selling the scope that's pictured on the rifle:

It has an aluminium shell, 3-9magnification, 40A.O., 10y-infinity manually adjusted focus, no allumination(sorry), long eye relief(aprox 4in), comes with low profile scope mounts, threads for sun shade, and is made by Eagle Eye Optics.

Im asking for $45 shipped
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