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As the title states, looking for a TM VSR-10 or JG BAR-10 clone that is fully upgraded or close to it.

Expecting barrel, hop-up, bucking, piston, cylinder, spring & guide, and zero trigger as "fully" upgraded.

Don't mind if it's been used for practice spray paint or seen some falls as long as it is fully functional.

Don't require any scope, rings or even the rail.

Let me know what ya got!

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Echo1 PSR-10
Angel Custom 90° trigger
Angel Custom 90° piston
Angel Custom Teflon cylinder
Mystery aluminum spring guide
Various springs, 1.6J-4J
Airsoft Philosopher hop chamber
Airsoft Philosopher 475mm barrel
3 Airsoft Philosopher buckings
Silencer adapter
Original end cap
Could include a scope for more

The issues
That stripped receiver hole
Needs a suppressor to cover up a couple inches of inner barrel
Spring guide stopper is a little jank, could use a new one or diy one
AP chamber is hard to get working well if you undo the modifications I did

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I would suggest that you get the HopUp app and look there, you'll have way better luck.
I do have an Echo1 PSR-10 with those requirements, but one of the receiver screws is stripped out so it would need to be drilled and tapped a size up.
Appreciate that, I downloaded it the other day and made a post there as well. Have a few leads on HopUp, seems to be the place these days.
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