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Hey guys ... just me again .

Hey I am working on a project that I would like to get the most accuracy out of it while not going at such a high fps.

Ok now with that out there, I am sure you all are thinking....why if building a sniper rifle why not just go with a standard tight bore barrel and higher fps??

Well I butchered the very first rifle that I bought, the UTG 324... yeah yeah yeah I know.... But I wanted a rifle and bought this one because it was cheap. Well I chopped down the inner barrel to just over 13 inches. As well as cutting down the outer barrel to match nicely.

One of the groups that I play with have access to an old school. And I really don't want to run around with my rifle shooting over 350 fps. But I still want to get every last bit of accuracy out of the rifle that I possibly can.

Been reading about the TK twist barrels and at that fps it should work very well for the small barreled rifle that I have.

So now the question. Does anyone out there have a barrel they would like to get rid of?

Or does anyone know of where to get one of these barrels?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated...

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