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WTB TM MEU 1911 Mags

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WTB MEU 1911 mags


I am in need of at least one MEU 1911 mag for my TM MEU before the next LP game. I have two already but could use one more for those close range encounters.

-I do paypal

I am pretty sure that WE-tech MEU mags DO NOT work in the TM version. If you have some and find proof that they work, show me and we can work something out.

With that said, I am looking for:

-TM MEU mags
-ARMY/Bell mags

I don't care if they leak, I just don't want mags that have broken valves, o-rings, or any other busted parts. If the mags leak, please tell me ahead of time. I will cover shipping costs.

Thanks, and PM me if you got any!

Also, looking for some other things as well:

-.3 bbs
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Be careful buying the bell mags as the magazine lips are a little fragile. Also they hold a little less gas then the TM ones. Trust me I have seven (two with broken lips)
Thanks for the tip, I want a TM, but most U.S. retail stores are out of stock. If anyone finds any that are in stock, hit me up.
Bump, still need mags.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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