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WTB- Type 96 parts

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Hey guys, I am starting a new project with the internals of a type 96.

So what im looking for is new or used parts, stock, PDI, or laylax, or any other brand. Here is a list of what I need;

-Trigger box
-Cylinder parts( spring guide, piston, springs)

Pm me a quote with what you have, and a price, so i can go from there. Also dont be afraid to send me pic's of stuff you think is junk. A friend and I are also experimenting with the stock parts of the type 96, to see how to make them stronger, so stock parts are welcome.

Thanks for looking, also please don't clutter this tread with "Pm sent," or "are you still looking for a ....," that is what Pms are for.
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Bumb, can really use a zero trigger or a light wight.
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