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Hey guys,

Was trying to sell this on ebay, but seems you have to pay a monthly fee to sell...

Thought I'd give it a try on here :)

P&P costs is for buyer.

Reason for selling: Bought a new one and have no more need for this one. Also need the funds for a dmr I'm wanting to buy.

Copied this straight from what I wrote on ebay:

3-12x50 Rifle Scope, Illuminated Milldot Reticle.

Condition: Used but in good condition.

Color: Custom paint job. Can be repainted black.

Manufacturer: Sutter GMBH, Germany.


- lens diameter of 50mm. This allows for a very sharp and bright picture, even in low light conditions.

- Turrets come with screw off caps, and can be tuned with a tool or by hand.

- Illuminated Milldot reticle, has 11 levels of brightness.

- Comes with*11mm mount rings and a custom sunshade.

- Will come in original box with original transport bag.

- Only thing missing is the removable protective lens caps.

* Elastic bands not included.

I'm looking to get around
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