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WTS: a lot of stuff

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Silent's super sale

Paypal is preferred
I will provide the tracking number from ups. All sales are final, I will explain each item to the best of my abilities and if needed will make a video showing the gun firing.

Yes I know this is my first sale, but you have to start somewhere.

All items will be shipped within 3 days after payment is received.

First up, UTG m324 gen 3 in black, will come with bipod, sling, two mags, and for am additional 30 dollars a 4X32 scope with rings will be included. The gun is in great condition, but I lost the front screw, however this can easily be picked up at a hardware store. It isn't needed though as it is super sturdy without it. 85 dollars

We tech 1911 hicappa
The top slide is fine except a tiny piece broke off, but you won't notice it. The bottom slide needs a new slide lock and the safeties fell out, but I have them. Comes with two mags, one gas about three mags put through it and the other has half a mag through it. 65 dollars for everything

Remington tac 1 shotgun new 25 dollars

condor battlebelt and harness and belt 40 dollars all in od
Condor flashbang pouch 5 dollars in od
Condor dump pouch 7 dollars od
Condor 1911 molle holster od 15 dollars.
Condor flashlight pouch 5 dollars od
Condor od drop leg panel 10 dollars
Condor double (double stack) m4 mag pouch with lids, I have two of these, ten bucks each or 15 for both of them od
Condor horizontal utility pouch 8 dollars od
Marine alice style belt in od 8 dollars

Rothco acu shirt size medium 5 dollars
Rothco woodland shirt size small 5 dollars both were never worn
Condor acu chest rig 15 dollars
Acu drop leg holster 10 dollars
Acu hip holster 5 dollars

Ratech 7.4 volt nunchuck lipo 40 dollars never used
Sodom gear lipo charger 30 dollars for both of these together I will take 60 dollars

May consider trades, but I will most likely just take money.

Pictures: (the rest will be added later and plate carrier isn
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nino94 said:
You need an orange flash hider by law
I've shipped numerous airsoft rifles without orange tips. As long as you package the rifle before you take it to the shipping place (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) then you'll be fine.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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