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I am needing money so here it goes.

It goes to an Echo1 M28 but will be good for any custom rifles! Also would fit onto most VSR style stocks with some modifications to your stock.

I searched and searched all over the internet to find a reasonable price but didnt see one for sale anyplace so I guess $30 plus shipping will be a decent price and it would more than likely fit in the small flat rate box for roughly $6.

VSR style cylinder head with screw for reducing velocity=$10

Bar10 stock with mag catch=$10

I accept Paypal, ship USPS

I need these gone ASAP so I can get my new piston for my Bar10 and I NEED my back pills,lol.. Notice the piston was more important than my back relief,hahaha.. I am not out of my meds yet but just about. Then I need to find a buyer for my P90 but I wont post it here due to the commerce rules "its not sniper related"

:tup: I need $$$
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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