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Ok guys ....

What I have is an AGM GBB M4. It have been upgraded with all RA tech internals. I currently have a 5ku hop up unit for the rifle and 7 working mags. I still have all of the original parts at the moment as well.

For the externals I have a longer barrel as well for the rifle. The externals are all stock except for the outer barrel. There is also a hard recoil kit installed as well.

Now I did get this as a trade a while ago and haven't really don't anything with it. Now it is a fun gun to play around with and screw around with. But I can't see my using it during a game or anything like that. So I would like to sell her to someone that will be planning on using the rifle more than it is now.

I can get some pics up of it here later today or tomorrow.

I got this from a fellow member off of another forum for 300. I put another $100 into the rifle. The only thing needed to get the rifle to shoot is an inner barrel. As I took the inner barrel from this one and moved it into my L96.

So I am thinking $325 would be an ok price for the rifle. That will not include the shipping costs. Can determine that after the sale if needed.

Thanks guys..
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