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Alright guys, here is the deal. Everything here lives up to my standards (which as you all know, are quire high). I am only selling these things because I am looking to move to a P* setup, which I am planning on running with a Kokusai Crimebuster as backup (never fear, classics are always the best ;) )

So, let's start this up!

Quick rules, I pay for half of shipping except for overseas, where I drop to one fourth, and accept paypal. Only trades are for a kokusai crimebuster or a polar star fusion engine.

Kokusai CAR-15 - $500
Booster tuned, and the only rifle of mine I have done nothing more than minimum maintenance to (besides tuning to bbs). This sucker shoots bbs nice and straight, like little lasers. As you have probably know, 100m capable with the proper settings/maintenance/bb tuning. Chrono results vary from 390 to 430 with a .2 and from 370 to 410 with a .4 :p Select Fire, Safe-Semi-Auto, comes with 4 (four!) 100 round mags in very nice condition. Flower rings look gorgeous.

Brian cut the LRB for this one, and it works great with my anti-rotation (AR) collar. There is a little shotgun at 90-100m, but at 30 rps it's not something you need to worry about. :p I did have to sand down the collar for the main chamber in order to get it to fit properly, as well as spacer the recoil spring and spacer the subchamber to get bbs to feed properly, but they do now, so all is fine and dandy! This sucker is a royal PITA to take apart, so I just suggest you keep her happy with .28 bbs and making sure to clean and lube your air rig. Dual stage trigger has been fixed to full auto to fix an issue with the trigger sear, so it is Safe/Auto. Comes with 5 (five!) ~70 round mags, four have metal tubing, the last one has plastic, but all are in very good shape. I keep them lubed and happy.

Asahi Bushmaster Ultra Custom - $400 - SPF
I *just* bought this from tojie (AZeus05) and it performs flawlessly. The magna barrel hops .25-.28 bbs really nicely, and it doesn't even need an AR collar. The only issue is that the joule creep is killing it. The mags all work, and as far as I know, it has only seen one skirmish. I did some tweaking to the engine following Booster's guide for the bushmaster, and that probably is what did it in. It will come with a tube with the original asahi QD fitting on there. These are auto only, but the ROF is slow enough that with some practice you can get semi shots off. Comes with 3 (three!) supposedly 100 round Asahi AR mags (I have fit 1.5 speedloaders in there though, so maybe more like 130 rounds or so?)

MGC G17 - $350
I have an MGC G17 in its original box that I am looking to get rid of. It has been finicky in the past, but I ported the slide and that just about fixed it. Rapid fire is not good, because as the mags cool down the gun cycles in a less precise manner. Other than that, it is in great condition, I use it for plinking, though it has never seen a game.

It has a metal slide, and quite a few upgraded internals. The inner and outer barrels are one piece, and are very stable. It puts out at about 300 fps at last check, and even though it has no hop, the stainless TBB allows you to put 10 shots on a boonie at a little over 30 meters. I can install an R-hop if the buyer chooses, FOR FREE (you just buy the patch).

I got this from Darryl Zero ( and will ship it in exactly the same shape (except for the porting and some lube and tweaking) as I received it in.

These are the upgrades in it:
Systema metal slide (very rare, worth over $250 by itself)
OK Products metal outer barrel
OK Products tight bore inner barrel
OK Products high flow valve
OK products enhanced recoil spring set
OK products power up blowback piston
And a few of my little tweaks to get it running smoothly. ;)
+3 mags (worth about $65 right there!)

-It needs pretty constant lubrication, after every use is almost mandatory
-Don't try to fire all 15 bbs at once, it won't work
-Sometimes the slide gets stuck halfway back (not if you keep it lubricated though. ;) ). If it does, pull the mag out and rack the slide a few times, then put some lube in and you are set to go.

Pics are HERE

Pics are now also next to the items, or will be as soon as imageshack stops being stupid.

Mods, please delete the other thread I have up, I have conveniently flagged it for you. Thanks!
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Man, I would buy the aug, if I had an air rig or any knowledge about one. :s
Do I need anything other than a regular air compresser to fill the tank?
That is way out my range, sorry. :(
If I get money for it, I'll ask if you still have it.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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