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Wts: Ares aw338 gas cnc

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This is a gas ARES AW338 that is a CNC version. I have never used it in game, and have the box and everything it came with. I started to upgrade it then whet with another VSR-10 and a dmr instead. I put in a custom 550 fps spring in it, a Maple leaf bucking and then stopped. It shoots great and is a beautiful gun. Also it is very heavy, which is a plus to me but might scare some people. I would like to get 290obo shipped, I will not go lower than 200 (without shipping) Shipping only to CONUS, sorry for everyone else. If you really want it and are outside the 48 states pm me and maybe we can do something.


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Update on the Stuff.
MP7 price is now near $170-190 depending on the mags
ARES aw338 price is $240-250
P90 price is $120 shipped
VSR-10 clone with co2 is $80-90
AW338 traded...for a gun that I got broken.
P90 is gone
Mp7 Gone
I think I forgot to put it in...sorry. It is VSR clone I do not know that brand (came in a socom gear r700 box from airsoftgi but I wouldn't trust it) but It has a quick take-down bolt system and normal+ co2 bolts. It works fine. Last time I checked the gun shot around 400 with the spring bolt and 500 with the co2 bolt. It is still brand new in box. If you are interested shoot me a PM and I can email pictures.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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