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What I've got,

Madbull 300 mm silencer sold
JG M4A1 lower receiver $15
M324 upgraded cylinder kit $30
CA 515 mm barrel $25
JG 363 mm barrel $20
Well MP7 barrel $15
MP001 hop-up unit and barrel $25
CA 300% spring $10
M4/M16 carrying handle scope mount $10
M4 bore-up cylinder Guarder $10
MP5 bore-up cylinder UTG $5
laylax PSS10 VSR-10 upgraded hop-up unit (lets you use AEG barrels) $45
UTG MP5 air nozzle $5
CA aluminum piston head $15
large type 8.4v 1500 mAh battery spf
large type 8.4v 1800 mAh battery spf
Leupold 44mm objective sunshade $25
CA M15A4 CQB $270

All prices are negotiable and don't include shipping. If you have a good offer I'll most likely accept it. Everything is new or lightly used except for the mp5 cylinder and air nozzle which are moderately used. If you want a better picture of something PM me and I'll take a better one for you. If you don't see something ask if I have it. I'll consider trades for madbull black python barrels 550mm or so long, long type high speed motors, and CA M24 parts.
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