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WTS: CA M15 and pistols

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First on the auction block is my CA M15 SPC. It's body is a little old (serial number 9368, and I don't know what they're up to now), but the internals are all brand new. My old box cracked with a 400 fps spring, and the hurricane replacement wouldn't fit, so I bought a complete CA gearbox for it. The full stock has been replaced with a crane stock in order to hold the two 9.6v NiMH batteries that come with the gun. One is 2000 mAh, while the other is 3300 mAh. The 3300 mAh battery has a deans connector that I never got around to swapping out. I will include the necessary large connector with the package, so all you have to do is solder it on in place of the deans connector. I also swapped out the problematic CA hop up unit with a HurricanE version. The gun also has a gas block and flip up front sight in place of the standard front sight. It comes with two RIS panel covers and one TM standard mag.

The whole thing costs about $825 over seas plus shipping. I'm looking for around $425-$450 for it, but this price is very negotiable. Make an offer

Next up is my trusty KJW full metal para. It's stock intnerally, and I polished the slide. It comes with two mags. I'm looking for about $130 for it.

Next is an out-of-production WA beretta M92f INOX. It's bone stock and comes with hogue wrap around grips and one mag. This gun has gone through a couple owners, but as far as I can tell, has been treated very nicely. I've owned it for around 6 months and have never actually taken it into a skirmish. It's been a collectors piece for me.
I'm looking for about $150-160 for it.

Lastly, a bone stock KSC M9 with one mag. I'm looking for about $100 for it.

I will not accept trades for any of this, and I can't accept paypal.

I'm sure I'll have more to put up for sale later as I come across it, so I'll update when I do. If you happen to know that I own something and you're interested in buying it, feel free to ask. This isn't quite an "everything must go" sale, but it's close.
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