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WTS CA M15A4 (428 fps w/ .20's, 355 fps w/ .28's)

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King Arms Gearbox
• Metal bearing spring guide
• Metal Cylinder head w/ double O-ring
• Metal Bearings
• Polycarb piston w/ ported head (looks to be of good quality, Angle of Engagement is correct, no wear)
• Basic Non-AB MOSFET installed (and probably wired from scratch) by previous owner, wired to deans red connectors (I can rewire to another connector free of charge)
• Steel inner barrel (not sure if stock or upgraded tightbore)
• Flat Hopup nub (soft)
• CA High Torque Motor (Motor Connection wiring is in excellent shape as well).

Metal errythang, other than stock and foregrip. Very solid and hefty gun. FYI the full stock is very solid compared to a G&G SR25 Full stock that I used to have, just in case that provides some frame of reference for somebody. Mock suppressor is included, as well as two metal hicaps. The ONLY finagle is that the fake bolt catch broke off where it extends up. I have this piece and will put it in a small zip-loc bag and make sure it's not lost in transit. I attempted to JB weld it back on but the connection area is so small that it fell off again overnight, and I just bought two tickets to see Paul McCartney so I'm trying to sell this quickly and can't be assed to fool with it, truth be told!

M15A4 Imgur Album
M15A4 Shooting Video

Chrono: 428 fps w/ Elite Force .20's, 355 fps w/ Elite Force .28's

I am not the original owner, but I guarantee full functionality. I have disassembled the gun down to the internals to check the shimming, and the previous owner did a great job with the internal work. I regreased the gears with white lithium grease, cleaned a lot of buildup on the air nozzle/tappet plate and cylinder head nozzle, inside of the cylinder, then applied silicone super lube lightly in side of the cylinder for compression, as well as on the piston head O-Ring. Inner barrel was fully cleaned by me and the hopup bucking was checked for damage and passed inspection. Gearbox was shut and blue threadlocker was applied lightly to screws. there was no evident bevel or pinion gear wear so motor height checks out as well!

MSRP seems to be about $260, asking $190 shipped.

The picture of the mechbox was taken before the cleanup and regreasing of bearings was performed.

Since this is literally my first post on here...
I do tech work on the rental fleet of a local paintball/airsoft field and have been working on airsoft guns since 2002. I am eBay user "cottontm" and have 100% positive feedback. Used to be an active member of ASR and somewhat on Airsoftbarracks, always just lurked here so I finally made an account. I have also posted this AEG on reddit's airsoftmarket sub, here.
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