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WTS: CA M24 upgraded

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This is a TTW, I really dont know if i want to get rid of this, but if I get a good enough offer, I might consider it. Please, No low balls.

Looking for $450 shipped.

CA M24 Military Version

Internal Upgrades:
-PDI M24 Hop-up chamber
-First Factory PSS2 Zero Trigger
-First Factory APS2 3 Element Piston
-Laylax APS2 Power Accuracy Cup
-Laylax APS2 Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax APS2 cylinder head
-Laylax PSS2 spring guide
-Laylax PSS2 bolt handle
-DB Custom 509mm 6.01mm Tight Bore
-Barrel Spacers

-Custom paint
-30mm Low-profile mounts
-Blackhawk Sling with sling swivels
-King Arms Harris Style Bipod

No scope included, but mounts included

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Why are you looking to sell it?
Need money for my truck. Rifle shoots phenomenal.
Oh man I love it.
If only I had the money! I've bought WAY too many stuff in a short period of time!

Why everything I like comes out in the same time?!

Hope to sell it easy man.

Bump. 450 shipped takes it...
Bump. no trades please.
Not to sound rude but I thought that I would be in line for buying this from you because we were about to go through with the deal in the past but you opted out of it for the time due to financial detours.
I am still very interested as I was in our past deal. I would appreciate that if this is still for sale that you could contact me via pm.
Thank you!

- Topa
I can do $450 right now via PayPal
And are the stock parts it came with included?
Who should check their messages? lol
Cuz I have been waiting super patiently.

- Topa
Maybe it's sold and forgot to update... !
I've seen this ad and on another forum. Perhaps try to contact him from somewhere else where he's more active, though he's been online today.

I appreciate all your help! It's just a little frustrating as I was one of his first initial buyers (back when no one was interested in buying it and the price had not dropped) and we were about to go through the deal but then he said he wanted to hold it off because he would be getting money selling something else. So I happily informed him I will always be interested and to let me know if he still wants to sell it in the future.

And now it seems like he's playing hide and seek lol. All I am looking for is an answer to ease my mind because I have turned down a few deals to wait for his answer very patiently.

If he happens to read this (considering he still comes on the boards), although I might seem slightly frustrated, I am a patient man and would be more than happy to follow through with the deal without any feelings of resentment.

Thanks Dutton and Wolf!

- Topa
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Wouldn't trust this guy, he screwed me over.
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