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Wts ca sr25

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Well now with school starting again I wont have as much time for airsoft so Im going to reduce my collection....again...
For sale here is my pride and joy, a CA SR25. Just about everything has been replaced internally and is shooting about 510-515 fps with the ability to reach WAAYYY out there to roughly around 240+ feet and with the fact its semi automatic follow up shots are quick and precise.
Polarstar rig with regulator
VFC scar + cash
HK417 + cash
==> G&P MK23 <===
RS Dragunov
Anything interesting.....
Internals List:
Base Gun - $380
SHS 18:1 spur and bevel gear - $20
CA SR25 sector gear $10
SHS 19 tooth piston -$10
VS ball bearing spring guide - $8
SHS M150 spring - $5
SPEED airsoft piston head - $22
Guarder enhanced cylinder - $15
SHS M4 cylinder head - $ 8
VS double o ring air nozzle - $10
TerminusX Tungsten Carbide 7mm bushings - $25
Tienly GT3500 motor - $65
Custom wiring with 16awg silver plated wires - $10
Extreme-Fire Cheetah Mosfet ( adjustable programming for semi auto only) - $100
ProWin M4 Hop Up $25
G&P bucking - $10
Falcon 509mm rifled inner barrel - $50
ACM magpul pistol grip - $20
2 CA hi caps - $60
2 CA mid caps - $50
Total = ~ $900
All the tender love and care put into this gun - PRICELESS
Trigger response is near instantaneous and the shimming is perfect.

There are also a few issues i need to address though:
No charging handle or fake bolt
few scratches nothing too bad
the lower has been repainted but still looks great
no flashider is included (suppressor IS included)
For more details PM me
Asking price is $600 OBO
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Are you interested in trading it with a VSR 10 full upgraded ..?
Check the date that this was posted.
It's called necro posting and it's against the rules.
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Well... He was last active in March, so ya never know... I think if it's a For Sale thread, than Necro-ing should be fine, but whatever the rules dictate is what goes.
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I diidnt know its againtst !!AM SORRY !!Am a new member and only 2 months in this forum but am not too good in finding in the rules of the forum! I am not too good in electronics and i find this forum complicated.Can some of you guys send me the link connected to the rules of the forum ?
OK mate I'll sent them to you!

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