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WTS: Classic Army SR-25 (upgraded)

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Hello everyone I have come here today to sell my SR-25.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

It comes with the gun and 8 mags (it is almost impossible to find mags for SRs anymore) It also comes with a Guarder Steel selector switch to make it semi only due to the crappy rules in CO.

I am the second owner of the gun and the first owner put over 1000 bucks worth of upgrades in this thing. I really need the money so I am asking for around $700. (Latest Price drop to $500. I need to get this thing gone guys please help a fellow sniper :) )

Feel free to contact me anytime
Cell: 7205639919
Email: [email protected]
My name is Tanner Caillouet by the way.
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I dont know every single one but he said almost every part you can put in a SR-25 is in there. I will go copy and paste the PM in here.

"Ya it chock full of upgrades, CNC Full metal piston, bore up kit, ( piston head, cylinder, cylinder head) CA-25 high torque gearset. Pretty much every internal except the wiring as that is good wiring."

I put a Madbull black 6.03 TB in it but that is all i have done to it. I have used it once and the mags had a problem feeding. The guy that i got the gun from said that you have to use Airsoft Elite BBs for the mags to feed (I was using bioshot) Oh and I havent Chronoed after I put the barrel in but it clocked in at 410 before the barrel.
Alright guys here come the pictures ready yourselves

It is not painted. It is Multicam tape that isnt suposed to leave any residue. So if you dont like the multicam feel free to remove it.

I forgot to mention that there are 4 CA rail covers on it so thats an add on.

The scope isnt included (it goes on my 30-06).

Edit: Again feel free to contact me through PM, Email or phone 24/7!
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The original owner still has it. Personally I like it the way it is. You dont have to hold back the charging handle to get to the hop up. It means less movement while hiding in the bushes.

If you want I can get it from him and send it with the gun.
Alright Bump

I will consider every offer guys.
I dont know about shipping it to ireland but if it gets it outta here faster sure. I am not the person to lower it to 1 joule sorry maybe you can buy it and take it to your local airsmith. I can get the charging handle no problem.
Ok I really need to get rid of this thing. PRICE DROP $565!

Lol but really Im trying to get the down payment on a car So I really need someone to take it off my hands. This gun is worth around 1000 bucks easy.
What is in your budget? Maybe we can work out a deal.
So the sale fell through, This is the final price drop!

500! I need the money badly guys let me know if it is just barely out of your budget and we can work something out.
Sold Pending funds (Mods please dont lock, I have a feeling it will fall through)

Edit: Sale fell through so its back on the market.
Bump! Price drop to 500!
Bump! I think this is the most any thread I have ever seen has needed to be bumped, lol.
Ok so I still need to sell this, Please let me know.
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