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WTS: Classic Army SR-25 (upgraded)

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Hello everyone I have come here today to sell my SR-25.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

It comes with the gun and 8 mags (it is almost impossible to find mags for SRs anymore) It also comes with a Guarder Steel selector switch to make it semi only due to the crappy rules in CO.

I am the second owner of the gun and the first owner put over 1000 bucks worth of upgrades in this thing. I really need the money so I am asking for around $700. (Latest Price drop to $500. I need to get this thing gone guys please help a fellow sniper :) )

Feel free to contact me anytime
Cell: 7205639919
Email: [email protected]
My name is Tanner Caillouet by the way.
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Maybe if it wasn't so expensive, out of my budget. :/
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