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Fully Upgraded Maruzen Type 96 & Ghillie Coat/Boonie

(The bipod shown is NOT the one included with the rifle)

The Ghillie Front

The Ghillie Back

This gun has been my baby for a few years, but I just haven't used it enough to warrant keeping it around. I am looking to get out of the sniper game and collect more gear. This package will come with both the rifle and the ghillie suit/boonie hat. I bought the gun as a stock Maruzen, and i fully upgraded the internals, I spared no expense. My wallet can testify to that. The internals and externals are as follows...
-Maruzen Type 96 Anniversary Edition-421.14
-King Arms M3 3.5-10X Replica-70.00
-G&P Tall Scope Rings-20.00
-King Arms Foam-Filled Suppressor-31.00
-Laylax Barrel Thread Adaptor-29.99
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder-139.99
-Laylax High-Pressure Piston-47.99
-Laylax Power Accuracy Cup-23.99
-Laylax Spring Guide-32.99
-Laylax M150 Spring-24.99
-Laylax Cylinder Head-32.99
-Laylax Zero Trigger-130.00
-PDI Hop-Up-78.99
-PDI High Hop-Up Arms-18.99
-Prometheus Purple Bucking-11.78
-Prometheus 650mm 6.05 Tightbore Barrel-80.66
-Laylax Barrel Spacers-25.99
Grand Total Retail= $1221.99

I will also include the original barrel/hop-up, the original cylinder, the original PDI hop-up arms, and about 1500 Madbull .36bbs.

It is accurate at about 80 yards with .36 bb's. It could easily reach the 100 yard mark if a heavier spring was put into it. With the internals set up as they are now it can handle just about any amount of abuse you can throw at it. I have never had any problems with it. This is for someone who is serious about being an airsoft sniper, it is not a newbie toy. With this package, you will be able to hop right into the airsoft sniping role.

The ghillie suit that is included is not a cheaply made department store ghillie. The base for the suit is a OD military jacket. It has been reenforced at the elbows and at on the chest. All seams were stitched with heavy duty thread and then glued over with E6000. I did not take any shortcuts with this suit, and it will not be falling apart anytime soon.

I am going to let this package go for the cheap price of...
It may seem steep, but there is over $1200.00 put into this package, and the rifle has seen very little use.

Tokyo Marui 1911a1

(Pistol case NOT INCLUDED)

This is a completely stock Tokyo Marui 1911a1 with completely intact trades. While, it is completely stock, for a TM, that is not a bad thing. The package will come with 3 TM 1911a1 magazines, none of which leak. I have always babied this thing and it is in excellent shape. The magazines have be regularly lubed and the gun itself has been cared for.
-Tokyo Marui 1911A1-178.84
-Tokyo Marui 1911A1 Spare Magazine X2-71.82
Grand Total Retail= $250.66
I want to get $170.00


Safariland 6004 1911 Black


Just like the title says, this is a Safariland 6004 for a standard 5" gov't. 1911. It does what it is made to do, and it does it well. The leg straps are lined with a sticky gel to keep the rig from sliding around the thigh. It is adjustable for the height and for the internal retention of the gun. This is a real holster, not a cheap knock-off. The bottom was taped to keep out dust and mud, it can easily be removed.
-Safariland 6004 Retail-113.60
Grand Total Retail= $113.60
I want to get $75.00


Duty Belt Set Up (Eagle, BLACKHAWK!, HSGI)

This is a belt set up that I have used quite a bit, but because this is all real deal tactical nylon, it is still in really good shape. The belt is a Eagle Industries 2" duty belt in black, Sz. M, the belt pad is a BLACKHAWK! 1/4" foam belt pad in black, Sz. M, the suspenders are HSGI suspenders in OD, but they have been painted black with fabric paint (some parts are still OD, but they basically look black). It is all in perfect working order and the set up has a lot of life left in it.
-Eagle 2" Duty Belt-28.23
-BLACKHAWK! Belt Pad-15.30
-HSGI Suspenders-30.00
Grand Total Retail= $73.53
I want to get $50.00


BLACKHAWK! SERPA for 1911 (no rail)

This holster is basically brand new. It has never been fielded and has only been used about 5 times. It will come with both the belt loop attachment and the paddle attachment. Like the title says, it is for a 1911 without a rail.
Grand Total Retail= $43.99
I want to get $25.00


Pantac PACA Replica Khaki

This is a replica of the PACA Soft Armor carrier. It is in good shape, but you can tell that it has been used. There aren't any rips or tears, it has a lot of life left in it.
-Pantac PACA Replica-52.54
Grand Total Retail= $52.54
I want to get $30.00

ALTA Superflex Knee Pads CB

If you need me explain knee pads, you probably cannot handle a simple transaction anyway.
-ALTA Superflex Knee pads-22.99
Grand Total Retail= $22.99
I want to get $10.00


40L Khaki Nomex Flight suit

This a real deal piece of gear, not a cheap copy. This is made of fire resistant nomex. It is the same suit that you would see on those in the Air Force. There are no stains, rips, or frays. Everything has been very well kept, also it has always been in a smoke free home.
-CWU-27/P Khaki-179.00
Grand Total Retail= $179.00
I want to get $50.00


I am open to offers. Just don't lowball me.
If there are any questions feel free to ask.
Buyer pays shipping on all items.
Thanks for taking a look.
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