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WTS custom KJW M700 w/ hpa system

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This has been a fun project gun for me. It has lots of upgrades and comes as a complete set ready to field with external air. The velocity is adjustable and I field it at 550-600FPS with ~70+PSI. I have used as much as 140PSI and it shoots over 800FPS. I can repaint it prior to shipping but only after payment. I drilled and tapped the mag myself and this system would retail over $900 which obviously does not account for time, labor, shipping or anything but retail value in parts.

$400 without shipping or paypal fees. This will be on other forums.

KJW M700 bolt action gas rifle
Tanaka 29rn magazine
Tanaka OD AICS stock
Centerline 3-9x40mm IR mil-dot scope
Pure Energy 48ci 3000PSI HPA tank
Palmer air rig with secondary mini regulator

KM 650mm 6.04 Teflon coated Tight bore barrel
King Arms VSR-10 bucking
G&G striker spring
G&G plunger
G&G striker (knocker arm)
G&G rubber set
G&G valve knocker

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I'll need to find a bench-rest or a gun vise to do that. I am not a great shot. I don't practice nor do I spend enough time in the field to have become familiar with it. Give me a little time to see what I can do.
When I converted it over to external HPA it had a range close to 300' via lazer ranger finder. It did not hit everytime but My buddy and I were hitting a tree with ~4' drop. Can't remeber weither it was 390 or 420 w/ .4g BBs though. This rifle is sensitive to horizontal tilt. If its not very close to plum you miss unless its a close shot where HU doesn't really matter. To me I have a harder time but to a seasoned marksman it should be a easy hurdle if this is not something you are already use to. As for groupings, I really need a to strap it down and perferate some paper.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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