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WTS DMR externals M16-SPRmod0 & internals

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WTS DMR externals M16-SPRmod0 & internals

I'm looking to switch up platforms and get rid of my old one.
I don't really want to part out piece by piece but if there is something you want specifically let me know.

The complete Externals to my m16 SPR mod0 DMR.

Here is is with a UBR stock.

Here is a skeleton stock.

$150 for the entire externals. I also have a 16 inch 1 piece outter barrel if you'd want and a madbull 6.03 inner that is exactly the 20 inches in length of the current outter barrel.

Thank you
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I am considering making an offer for just the gearbox with everything that it comes with...

How about my Masada for your stuff and $50?
Updated and added new pictures
It is coyote tan. Sorry for the discrepancy.
No, not a problem. You know if AK mags will fit that m4 pouch?
I really don't know. Didn't know it even had one. It's very solid And has
Never failed me though. If at all possible I'd like to keep the externals of that gun together.
Are you still Interested In a trade aydonmill?
Bump. Plate carrier is gone.
There were a few people interested in buying this before we switched sites.... now they have disappeared!
BUMP. I now have a solid price of $150 buyer pays shipping or at least $10 of the shipping. Please buy it :)
Still looking to sell entire externals. Dropping to $125 + shipping for compete externals (Ubr stock included) and 6.03 mad bull inner.

That's $125 for externals and inner barrel! Buy it!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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